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AceVPN: Как работает этот комбинированный сервис?

AceVPN - американский провайдер VPN, который является компанией, исключительно совмещающей сервис VPN и Smart DNS. Он поддерживает все основные сетевые протоколы и признан одним из самых надежных и эффективных провайдеров VPN на рынке.

Сначала AceVPN может показаться не самым лучшим выбором по многим причинам, но у этого провайдера также есть много положительных сторон. И одной из них является возможность подключения к серверам нескольких ваших устройств.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I must say that I was not impressed with both the downloading and streaming speeds that Acevpn offers. Well, they are OK but they are not as impressive as one would expect.
Normally, I prefer using VPN services with 24/7 customer care support more so with their live chat. However, ActiVPN does not provide for this which is a big NO NO for me.
After using a number of VPN services for streaming videos online and torrenting, the Acevpn impressed me greatly. The good performance surely does not disappoint for anyone that would want to watch high quality videos without buffering.
I am greatly disappointed at the fact that the only way that one can easily reach the Acevpn provider is through email. The expert team should work on providing an extensive customer support that could be contacted using other apps or live chat.
The huge discount offered on the yearly plan was quite tempting. The best part is that I got the best value for the price tag that I paid. It is definitely worth it.
I freaked out when I realized that there is no refund policy that is provided by ActiVPN. Honestly, I think all other VPNs have this policy to help in testing their product. This is one area that I consider to be a red flag for the ActiVPN.
Going for a long-term subscription plan is a good idea when choosing Acevpn services. The short-term plans are a bit expensive. Regardless, these guys offer a great value for your money for those that will go for annual plans.
I was happy with the fact that ActiVPN is compatible with the SmartTV that I use in my home. I thought that it could only be used on my Android and Windows platform but I was impressed with its compatibility on the TV.
I found the 7-day money back guarantee period to be quite reasonable because I was trying out different VPNs at the same time. However, I ended up settling for the Acevpn provider due to its exceptional features that it offers.
At first I was hesitant about signing up for ActiVPN services as they do not offer for a free trial plan. However, I was impressed with the speeds that they offer. I could stream HD videos with ease.
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