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HideAway высоко ценят многие пользователи, поскольку он постоянно вводит новшества и улучшает VPN-сервис, предоставляет гибкое управление, более высокую скорость и возможность "Всегда включен", одновременно обеспечивая пользователям безопасное соединение, конфиденциальность, а также доступ к любимым веб-сайтам по всему миру. Некоторые даже описали его как VPN "на стероидах".

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I have tried many VPN over the years and have found HideAway by Firetrust, to be the best.
Always on, no logs, can change IP at the click of a mouse, simple to setup and use - what more could you want!

At only 83Euro for a 3 y...Читать больше
Yes, it is (becoming) confusing. This page is about the VPN service - you're referring to the Firetrust program/application (for Windows).

So, not a scam, just identical names for similar service (though they work differently ...Читать больше
OOPS! Not 'identical' names! This page is for Hideway - the Win app is HideAway. My bad.
This company does not offer one of the most crucial features in the industry. This is a major blow to the company. The kill switch is a must for me.
I can ONLY contact the company via their email ticket support. They try to respond quickly, but at times it could take 24 hours or more.
The encryption adds a bit of overhead. So your Internet connection won’t be as fast with encryption turned on.
The company's prices are relatively high. Compared to the other vpns I use, I can say there are better deals out there.
At some moments, their website does not support BitTorrent. This comes with limited features and/or speed.
It means that HideAway is always online. Unlike the other VPNs where you must start it up, wait 10 seconds for it to connect. Then shut it down when you’re finished.
It offers the same optimum levels of privacy/anonymity the only difference obviously being one of convenience. I like the efforts that have been put in place to this far.
HideAway never interrupt my downloads or uploads, block my printers, network hard drives or security cameras. It sis simply the best in the market.
HideAway free offer presents an opportunity to thoroughly check the service out before committing. I like this kind of chance to get to know what I am about to buy or pay for.

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