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Люди теперь еще больше обеспокоены возможностью перехвата их веб-трафика. Чтобы защитить себя и оставаться анонимным в сети Интернет, вам нужна виртуальная частная сеть или VPN. Kaspersky, один из самых узнаваемых брендов в разработке антивирусов, недавно запустил собственный VPN-сервис - Secure Connection. Это доступный сервис с супер простым интерфейсом, несомненно, очень быстро и легко станет лучшим выбором для новых пользователей.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I was restricted to about 195MB of traffic data a day. Then about 294 MB after I registered. This is quite low for heavy internet users like me.
The company guarantees that it does not keep logs. This clearly proves that the company is committed to ensuring that customer anonymity is safe-guarded at all costs.
The website has the ability to support many devices at a go. I am able to use a variety of my devices at the same time. Definitely a great deal.
There are signs of slow speed for both download and upload. Without the VPN, the connection didn’t perform exactly as it should, going as low as download speed of 80 Mbps.
Kaspersky Secure Connection has both a free plan to the customers. This plan still has a lot of great features. At least before paying for it, I had a clear opinion about the services I expected.
I, however, did not get to choose servers because you will be automatically connected to a UK server. And my intention was not to use the UK server. I was not given a chance to exercise democracy, why?
The company does not offer a kill switch to the customers. It is in fact the kill switch that I am after. It is the only way I am sure of staying up to date with hackers.
The company has been accused of having some underground relations with the Russian Government. This is very scary to customers. Can they actually provide us with the anonymity we want?
Kaspersky Secure Connection has a support section on their website. They did answer many of my general questions. They offer a great deal.
The website uses one of the greatest rich-feature with anti-spam and parental controls. This is enough evidence that the company is committed to its policy.

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Мы понимаем, что сфера VPN - это анонимность, поэтому мы разрешаем нашим пользователям оставлять отзывы, не раскрывая настоящих имен. Мы создали возможность выбора случайного псевдонима для вас. Тем не менее, вы можете указать свое настоящее имя, если хотите!

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