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Что собой представляет LiquidVPN?

LiquidVPN - это относительно новый сервис, который на рынке VPN с 2013 года. За этой американской компанией стоит сетевой инженер Дэйв Кокс, создатель так называемого "модулированного IP" (modulated IP), что является уникальным методом использования адресов для сокрытия идентификаторов пользователей.
Действительно, хороший VPN должен предоставить вам онлайн безопасность и анонимность, обеспечивая вам конфиденциальность в сети Интернет. Также, практически всегда, пользователи желают иметь высокую скорость для более комфортной загрузки и выгрузки данных.
Учитывая все это, является ли LiquidVPN тем провайдером, который вам нужен?

Bruce McDonald

User Comments

When I tried torrenting, streaming and gaming. I encountered so many problems at every stage. I just decided to give up. Not the best for this kind of services.
I had difficulties with their page at the beginning. It was a bit crowded and it took time until to get hold of it. But after figuring it out,I managed to navigate the site. Make it more simpler.
During my entire stay in this platform, I did not experience any signs of leaks at all. So when it come to the leaks issue, LiquidVPN is still very decent. It was just fantastic .
Although they don’t keep your usage logs, they do keep some of the connection logs. This means that they kept my login attempts and transaction information, such as your name, email address. This unacceptable to me. I dont like it at all.
I like their large knowledgebase, which is very informative. They offered me four options when it comes to this, plus a feedback email. When my problems grew even bigger, the gave me options to contact either their technical suppo...Читать больше
LiquidVPN provider showed good speeds on most of its servers. This means I safely browsed the Internet without a problem. Also my identity and credentials were kept as safe as possible. What awonderful service?
They offered me a firewall and a kill switch that will prevent data and DNS leaks, unlimited bandwidth, server and topology switching. This was enough evidance that my interests are their priority. Great work, I salute you.
With over 2000 IP addresses in 11 locations around the world. This is a relatively a great chance to acquire fast speed. It worked well for me. The speeds that I got was satisfying. Great work and keep it up LiquidVPN.
It is true that they deal with abuse when detected. They say that in this case, they will share any transaction data with the proper authorities. Personally, I don’t think that it is the right way to go. There are better options for such cases.

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